Daniel Purjes Top 5 Careers in Sports Management


Top 5 Careers in Sports Management by Daniel Purjes

While still in college pursuing a degree in sports management at the California State University in Los Angeles, Daniel Purjes is already considering his career options after graduation. He knows that you can never plan too early for adult life, and there’s nothing more “adult” than pursuing a professional career in a field that you love and earn a good income to build a comfortable life.

If you are also interested in a career in sports management, Daniel Purjes lists the top five career choices that you can consider. These are based on current median salary as well as a 10-year job growth volume as estimated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), from 2016 to 2026.

1. Sports Marketing Manager

Sports Marketing Manager tops the list, with an estimated median salary of $131,180. The job of the marketing manager is to secure the position of an athlete, team or sports brand in the top spot of the sports industry. Job volume or growth projections are estimated at 10%, as profit-earning prospects for the sports industry continues to expand.

2. Account Manager

An account manager for a sporting brand or company takes the second spot, with earnings close to that of a Sports Marketing Manager, depending on the number of accounts and scope of expertise. The estimated median salary for an account manager is roughly around $127,130. Growth projection is also within the same percentage as that of a sports marketing manager, about 10%.

3. Sports Agent

A sports agent is the representative of the athlete, often acting on their behalf for legal and business concerns. The expected starting salary of a sports agent is pegged at $64,200, with an annual mean wage of $89,590. Job growth in this field is projected at 7%.

4. Public Relations

The Public Relations officer, representative or agent for an athlete is responsible for his or her public image. The job could entail promptly addressing PR disasters like public displays of strong, negative behavior. The annual salary of a PR assistant is pegged between $57,000 and $65,200, depending on years of experience and expertise in the field. The growth volume for this job is projected at 10% as well.

5. Coaches and Scouts

For Daniel Purjes, coaches belong at the top of the list because they put in all the hard work needed to train players and get the team ready. He expected them to earn higher than anyone else on this list; but it isn’t so, much to his disappointment. Coaches and scouts earn an average of $31,460; a far cry from the salaries of the top four. The expected growth volume, however, is higher than the rest, at 13% by 2026. Daniel Purjes hopes that this would mean a higher salary for them in the very near future.

That’s the five most lucrative careers in sports management. If you’re still a student like Daniel Purjes, he encourages you to get started on laying the groundwork for your professional career this early on. You are encouraged to read his other blog posts to learn more about starting a career in sports management.


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