Daniel Purjes: 5 Steps to Jumpstart a Career in Sports Management

5 Steps to Jumpstart a Career in Sports Management by Daniel Purjes

For college student Daniel Purjes, there’s no time like the present to start working on his career in sports management. He knows that sports management is a competitive field, and the only way for him to land a good job in the field is to start building the foundation for a professional career this early on; right now while he is still in college. He advises anyone looking to start their careers on the right track to make full use of their college years.

Here Daniel Purjes shares his own five steps to laying the groundwork for a career in sports management. Kindly read on below to learn what these are.

Get an internship

In other fields, internships may be deemed as optional, but in sports management, the only way for you to get the job that you want is through an internship. Sports management is a broad field, and there are a good number of internship opportunities awaiting students. But be cautioned, says Daniel Purjes, you need to apply early because most internships in this field have a fall deadline. Check internship sites like Internships.com andWorkInSports.com to see what are currently available.

Join your school’s sports club or organization

Check your school’s clubs or organizations to see which ones are sports-centric, advises Daniel Purjes; and sign up for one or all of them if your schedule can handle the extra load. Your involvement in clubs or organizations could be a plus in your job applications. Remember that companies look beyond your academic performance when considering your application. More than anything, they will look at your hands-on knowledge and experience because it would mean you already know the basics of the job. And for college students, this experience could be gained from clubs/organizations.

Volunteer at your school’s Athletics department

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be the water boy for your school’s athletic teams or you’re going to run errands for the team, coach or department. The important thing is to gain exposure and learn more about running an athletic department. The experience could help you land a job at a university or school if your goal is to work for a school’s Athletics department.

Sign up for additional courses relevant to your area of specialization

As mentioned, sports management is a broad field. There are various areas that could require your skills and expertise. You can be an agent, team manager, or even coach or trainer. You can get into the marketing and promotions side of the business, or you can specialize in data analytics. Whatever you’re looking for focus on, you could further expand your knowledge by signing up for additional relevant courses.


Remember the sports club or organization tip above? Daniel Purjes shares that this is a great avenue for networking. When you organize sports events and look for sponsorships, you will get to meet a lot of people, some of them could even be VIPs in the sports industry. This is your chance to network! You could intern for them or even work for them full-time down the line.

Whatever you do, says Daniel Purjes, make sure that it takes you one step closer to your goal of launching a career in sports management.

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