About Daniel Purjes

When Daniel Purjes was a young boy, all he ever wanted was to become a professional athlete. Growing up in New York with a family that lived and breathed sports (everyone is a huge Knicks fan), it was hard for Daniel not to love sports. His father would often take him to watch the New York Knicks whenever they played at Madison Square Garden, and he would patiently explain to Daniel the technical side of the game. Weekends were spent shooting hoops with his dad, and even when he moved away for college, occasional trips back home meant playing basketball with his dad.

In high school, Daniel Purjes tried out for his school’s basketball team. He felt that he had a good chance because not only did he know everything there is to know about the sport, his practices with his dad would surely pay off. He had high hopes, and he felt justified in believing he would make the team. His world shattered when he was one of first to get cut during the first round of eliminations.

But his ever-supportive family, particularly his father, encouraged him to pursue his love of sports. He said that there are many other aspects of sports that Daniel Purjes can focus on. Thus, from athletics, Daniel shifted his focus to sports management.

His family, although they will miss him, encouraged him to study sports management at a school of his choice even if it meant moving away from home. California seemed the ideal location. Luckily, he was accepted at California State University in Los Angeles. Now that he’s in LA, Daniel Purjes has grown to appreciate its sports teams. But, he admits, his loyalty still lies in his beloved New York teams, especially the Knicks. Between the Lakers and the Knicks, he’d pick the latter every time.

Why this blog site?

Once Daniel Purjes graduates from college, he plans to pursue a career in the business side of sports. He has narrowed down his career choices in the following areas: Marketing and Promotions, Public Relations, and Player Agency and Representation.

These are the reasons why Daniel Purjes decided to create a blog site dedicated to sports management. He figures that it’s a good way to get his foot in the door. The reader may think of this as his practice arena. He will be sharing with you his mock strategies and campaigns, and he will also share, from time to time, his thoughts on business and marketing trends in the world of sports. He is particularly interested in trends in social media, especially Twitter; as well as the online presence of professional teams and players.

To read his latest post, please visit the Blog page. For more about sports management, news and information can be viewed at the News and Sports Management pages.

He hopes that you will make this blog site a habit, and that you will enjoy his posts here. Kindly bookmark this blog site to keep updated. Daniel Purjes looks forward to seeing you all here again soon!